Trustees of Dartmouth

by D R O N E S

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Clouds 02:44
A blip on the radar Staring at clouds Clouds that are watching Watching you always People in suits with no names Sipping on coffee Polishing badges, talk to the brass Whispering softly Investments in empire A weight on our shoulders We're dreaming of anything close to what's comfortable Dreaming it's over Political slogans A criminal impulse Biblical omens Predictable outcomes The typical discourse It's simple cause and effect Like night follows day How much you wanna bet Whoever gets elected Someones getting paid People in suits with no names Rewriting history Dictating entries, a tug on the necktie The turn of the century Meetings on mondays When no one is around Arrangements are made to exchange information There's money underground Security's expensive You ought to know by now You ought to know by now You ought to know by now
X-47 02:06
When the day Breaks It wakes you up And it agitates your eyes Blinding, you With information And their lies Leave You thirsty like your mother made you wise And I'm the end We will watch as they make love under the drones The cemeteries waiting there in the unknown I'm sorry darling it appears we're on our own And after all they'll build their cities on our bones And bones break down Quicker than your history fades So take your notes now Make your descriptions State what you came for Play us your song Before you radiate out We are busy men We have messages to intercept Meetings to attend And encrypted data to protect Cybernetic butterfly sitting on your cigarette Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet Drones hacked to bits by little kids up on the internet Graduated from the Nintendo to Sega Genesis XBox trained X-47 Pegasus
We're scratching at the walls And trying not to misbehave They say it's nothing at all It's just some rattling the cage It's probably going nowhere The answer's probably no It must be hidden somewhere Somewhere close And people made of stone They know exactly how it feels When running up the road Is just like running on a wheel We're zooming in close Into a Bona Fide smile A lot of talk of hope It's probably gonna take a while We're waking up again And wandering the halls It's going on and on And on and on a clock You see your face Reflected in the dark It's caught behind the glass And so You want another kind of life Well what would you propose If you could have another try If you could do it all again Would you do it all the same Would you even have a choice And tell me how would you begin We're waking up again and wandering the halls It's going on and on And on and on a clock You see your face Reflected in the dark Caught behind the glass And sooo you want another kind of life Well what would you propose If you could have another We're zooming in close To another kind of life We're zooming in close To something Bona Fide
Show me Your Home and your family and tell me your secrets Lie on your back watch the clouds pass by in the summertime Recite me your sonnets and sing me your songs I am listening Lay down your head under starlight I'll sing you lullabies La da da da La da da da La da da daaaa da da La da da da Write me often on postcards of pictures of places you've been too Keep me in mind on your mountaintops keep in contact Tell me your stories I promise I'll never forget you And maybe you'll find something out there to count on Hands that are practiced in opening closing cigarette boxes Looking through windows and laughing at comets Breathing in toxins Waltzing through motions The daily distractions Wandering outward and into a world That's spinning off of its access Depart from home, glide away Out over the ocean The tidal waves will sweep you in And never let go Breaking down your days, atom by atom wasting away in graveyards with shadows of friends It's finally happening On pendulum rope swing Caught up in ca,eras and captured in pixels and the lights are flashing There's cash for the taking The numbers are stagggering The captain is laughing and shouting his nonsense And the waves are crashing
Kites 04:26
Standing in your canyon Waiting for the rain to fall Carving your name and Measuring your height on walls Gazing through windows Running out of time Watching as everything falls apart in front of your eyes And Kites Flying over hills They're doing what they like We're doing what we will Things evolving slowly Crawling on your hands and knees Sipping from aluminum cans and Learning not to fuck with bees Pray for your family Your father is on TV Dreaming of swimming Somewhere far across the sea And Kites Flying overhead To sing us something nice And tuck us into bed Adding up days Adding up days Adding up days All the claw machines are rigged Your figuring out life is tough Contemplating outcomes Trying not to fall in love Traveling through time till Nothing is the way it was Hiding in the 1990's Afraid of what you might become And Kites Out of our control Extinguishing the lights Houses in a row It's always been Kites Turning into UFOs And crashing through the night Over people's homes Adding up days Adding up days adding up days Adding up days
Bluebirds 00:54


This collection of songs was written and recorded in Richmond, Virginia in the year 2016. Written mostly at the Compound, and probably the nearby pub as well. Recorded at The B+B courtesy Maya Walters, mixed, and mastered by Dave Watkins.


released September 25, 2018

Isaac Ramsey - Guitars, Vocals
Colin Swegman - Vocals
Erik Akers - Guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Watkins

Cover art arranged by Colin Swegman. City Background by Szybka.


all rights reserved



D R O N E S Richmond, Virginia

We Sell Gasoline?

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